I am so done with the Jared and Sam hate that is gotten out of control. People are hating on Jared just because he did what every other celebrity did during their ALS challenge and he’s the only one to get hate for it. I’m done with you children, if you hate Jared or Sam unfollow me now. Because none of you bitter children are worth my time any more. You will be blocked and ignored so I can enjoy going into the Sam and Jared tags. 

In my eyes you are all bullies and I don’t pay attention to bullies who hate on someone who won’t defend himself because he is a good guy, something that I can not say for the rest of you.

I do hope that karma comes around to kick you in the ass and you receive the same kind of hate that you gave Jared. 


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I just LOVED Misha’s ice bucket challenge, where he was naked in the bathtub! It was so appropriate for all his fans to see, especially since most of us destihellers are 14! It’s SO COOL that he had to be nude because he was just being different! There was nothing wrong with that at all!


Kami says: Yes because Jared should be using his time in REALLY important things, like Misha does, because Misha ALWAYS use his tweet to change the world and not for selfish things. 

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im laughing because jared barely even tried lol not even jensen could help his video

and what was it shot on? a vhs camera from 92’??? jesus

oh, and misha collins did any better? it’s not a fucking competition, it’s for charity, please…

I think that they are bitter that Jensen was with Jared and not Misha. And Jared could bring world peace and people like them will still find a reason to hate on him. Jared is a saint for putting up with this kind of stuff all the time. 

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zerostumbleine33 replied to your post: im laughing because jared barely even …

lol and then he bitched about his balls being cold while mishas like fucking soaking his dick in an ice bath and takes it like a champ…also does it the blessing of being naked

lol right??? for…

Once again haters finding a reason to hate on Jared. At this point I’m not even surprised that you fools have nothing better to do with your time then hate on Jared. You are really just a sad little bunch who seem to dead set on ruining Supernatural for everyone, I think your feeling a little bitter because your ship got sunk by the J’s and Misha might finally be on his way out taking you all with him.

I hate the shipping wars. I love Sam, I love Dean, and I love Castiel also. I wish shippers would stop trying to erase one of the three from things. It seems like Destiel shippers do it more which is disappointing.

Shipping wars are never fun and they can tear a fandom apart. I have always been a Sam girl and Wincest was my pairing from the start then Castiel showed up and I instantly started shipping him with Sam and then fell in love with the idea of Sam paired with both Dean and Castiel and with time I began shipping Destiel, only after I read it in a few really good Samifer fics and then I came to tumblr and found out about the Sam hate and erasing and watched as the more extreme Destiel fans hated on Sam, on Jared and that weighed on me until I just found that I didn’t love Castiel as much and started to look forward to when Castiel and the angels are gone, which is a shame because I still love Sastiel. I’ve only been on tumblr for a little over a year and the sheer hate I have seen coming from some sadness me because before I used to enjoy all the pairings on Supernatural and now I cringe anytime Dean is in the same room with Castiel. Not all Destiel shippers hate on other ships and a lot of them are Sam fans, it’s the more extreme ones who harass and bully Jensen, Jared, the writers and fellow actors they are the ones who seem to be out to wreck Supernatural for everyone just because their ship hasn’t been made canon.